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Site of the battle of Mauchline Muir fought in 1647. Battle of Mauchline Muir (Site of) Mr. Murdoch, Writer. Mauchline
Mr. Hugh Leary. Sheriff Officer. Maue.. [Mauchline]
Mr. John Lambie. Tailor. Mauchline
Mr. Hugh Nesbit. Shopkeeper Mauce.. [Mauchline]
John Lambie an Intelligent and aged man of 86 year's. States that a Military Chest was found about 100 years ago near a Farm Steading. called "Easter Smithstone at present occupied by Jas James Robb. and the property of Mr.. Cooper of Failford. in Tarbolton Parish. by a Servant man employed at this Farm Steading who informed his Mistress whom he was serving under. of his discovery, and that she took possession of the Chest, which contained Money. - this place is near to & N. [North] of Smithstone Br.. [Bridge] nr. [near] Turnpike Road Mauchline to Ayr. Mr. Lambie and Mr. Nesbit are the authority's for this- and the whole individuals agree. as to the Site of Battle of Mauchline Muir. Fought in 1647. (See position marked on Trace,)

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Co [County] of Ayr ph. [parish] of Mauchline

Site of the Battle of Mauchline Muir between the Royalists and Covenanters 10th: June A.D. 1648 -- In 1644 the battle of Mauchline Muir was fought between the King's troops and the Covenanters, where the latter claimed the Victory" Patersons History -

"There is no tradition of any battle in the parish, except one at Mauchline Muir, between the Kings party and the Covenanters, about the year 1647, when the former were defeated, and their Military Chest was found, it is said, many years after, hidden in the ground" New Statistical acct [account] -

On Mauchline moor, in 1647, a party of the King's troops were defeated by a party of Covenanters and their Military Chest, it is said, was found, many years afterwards, hid on the scene of action Full. [Fullarton's] Gazetteer

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