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LOUSY BUSH Lousy Bush James Wyllie East Mossgiel
John Brownlee South Mossgiel
Mr Ronald Shopkeeper Mauchline
George Patrick Mauchline.
028 The object which bears this name is an old White Thorn on the South side of the Parish Road near East & South Mossgiel it appears according to the testimony of the Authorities quoted with the exception of George Patrick that this tree or Bush was a Favourite resort of Beggars and Itinerant Strollers and that the late Poet Robert Burns christened the Bush as Supplied.
George Patrick aged 85 states the he knew Burns Uncle and is Confident that the object in Question was well Known as the Lousy Bush before Burns came to the farm of Mossgiel. -

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County of Ayr
No. 21.
Parish of Mauchline

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