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Fullartons Gazetteer of Scotland 1854
Estate Map 1844
A. Hervey
W. Gilchrist
W. G. Galloway
Johnston's County Map
047 This is the most prominent feature in the Parish excepting, the range of hill over which passes the Boundary between the Counties of Ayr & Kirkcudbright and Consequently the Boundary of this Parish - It rises abruptly and at a distance appears Conical, three of its Sides are Steep but its west Side has a gradual asent, the north is rocky and precipitous, Some places nearly inaccessible the east Side with the exception of Benbeoch Craig - is not So Steep but the Surface is covered with [large] loose Rocks, These rocks have evidently formed [the] Conspicuous features of this Hill on Some Occasion & from their present appearance there is no [doubt] but they have been thrown from what now is [called] 'Benbeoch Craig' by an eruption - in fact [--] the idea under which the neighbourhood labours [--] Still nothing traditionally is know [known] [--] it. The South Side is Steep and a little [--] The Rocks generally - are basaltic, of a prismatic form, numerous, and many [places] jutting from an overhanging the Slope of the Hill the property of the Hone. [Honourable] F. M. Cathcart

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