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BRIDGE OF NESS Bridge of Ness
Bridge of Ness
Bridge of Ness
Bridge of Ness
Bridge of Ness
William Walker Esqr.
Revd. [Reverend] William Gilchrist
Mr. William Galloway
Johnston's County Map
052 A Parish Bridge of one Arch on the Parish Road from Mossdale to Loch Doon. Substantially built of Stone and in good repair at the South entrance to the Craig of Ness over the River Doon at present there is little or no use of it Since the tunnels were cut Some 90 years ago, by means of those tunnels the water was lowered about 14 feet and two Sluices one to each tunnel was erected at the mouth So as to regulate the quantity of water in the Loch Since then the Loch Seldom or ever rises to that height which requires the use of a Bridge to pass over-

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