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CRAIGS OF NESS Craigs of Ness
Craigs of Ness
Craigs of Ness
Craigs of Ness
Craigs of Ness
William Walker Esqr.
Revd. [Reverend] William Gilchrist
Mr. William Galloway
Johnston's County Map
052 A deep Gorge through which flows the River Doon, about a mile long between 4 and 5 hundred feet high above the bed of the Stream the Sides are Steep Rocky and in Some places like the wall of a house Covered with natural wood Oak, Beech, Ash, and birch here and there with white or gray masses of projecting rock ready to tumble down. the highest point of the Cliff is about the middle of the Glen and at the Same time that which has the Smallest base being much Steeper than at any other part, the Dalmellington or east Side is much Steeper than the Straiton or west Side - the whole appearance is like to an inclined artificial Cut throug a hill like to a railway Cutting So far as the banks are concerned, the greater depth, width and height being about the middle nothing of its wild and awful grandeur Can be Shewn on paper as a ground plan It ranks as one of the finest landScape or mountain passes in Ayrshire or perhaps in Scotland

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Dalmellington Parish -- Sheet 52 - 8

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