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Craigie Craigie
Statistical Account Paterson's History of Ayrshire Johnston's County Map County Voters List. 022 ; 023 ; 027 [Brought over]
"different times and at one of the works very lately, but, the working is now discontinued as unprofitable. The parish contains about 6300 imperial acres, all fit for cultivation, except about 30 acres of hills. There are also about forty acres of meadow, on which water is kept during the winter for the use of corn-mills Part of the hilly ground might be cultivated, but, whether profitably or not is doubtful. About 30 years ago, the uncultivated hilly land was double of what it is now. There is only one corn, viz. Heughmill. The Loch attached to this covers about 20 acres of the meadow land. There are other two lochs. viz. Fail Loch partly in this Parish, and partly in Tarbolton, the mill driven by the water of this loch is in Tarbolton parish. Loch Brown is partly in three parishes viz. Craigie, Mauchline, and Tarbolton. The mill driven by its water is in the parish of Mauchline. The loch covers nearly 100 acres and is not dry in Summer, and perhaps more than the half of it is in this parish. The rental of the parish may amount to £7700 Sterling, and the average rent per imperial acre, exclusive of woods, is £1.5.0. **
The farmhouses are Substantial and commodious. About a half of the farmhouses are now Slated and three of them are of two stories. The average size of the farms is about 90 imperial acres. The above is exclusive of the turnpike and parish roads, and of that part of Loch Brown, that is flooded in summer, so that the whole contents of this parish are above ten Square miles."
From Statistical Account (1842)

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