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The lower part of the buildings is laid out in offices for Gentlemen officially belonging to the law Courts of the County and Burgh on each side of a long passage running lengthways from one end to the other - It is rather ill lighted & even the offices particularly to the back though Convenient enough otherwise are liable to the same objection - The upper storey Consist chiefly of two large halls with ante rooms for the judges and Gentlemen of the Court and retiring rooms for the jury and the witnesses. One of the halls forms the Justiciary Court Room and can hold upwards of 600 people above the judges bench the Royal Arms of Britain are finely executed in stained Glass which have a fine effect At the East end is the County Hall which was intended originally for a Jury Court Room but as these two Courts never have occasion to hold their sittings at the same time it has not been fitted up for this purpose - It is a large and splendid apartment very richly furnished but unless for being occasionally Converted into a banqueting or ball-room it is nearly superfluous to the County for any public use. It contains a portrait of Lord Eglinton in the uniform of the Royal Highland Regiment of which he was Colonel representing the regiment as pursuing a tribe of Indian savages in the woods of America during the American War. It contains another portrait of Mr Hamilton of Sundrum late Convenor of Ayrshire - Stat [Statistical] Account of Ayrshire
The County Buildings contain also the Gaol in which is included Males' and Females' Wards, Debtors Prison Reception Cells - Governor's House, Lodge & Cooking and Washing Houses there is neither Hospital nor dead house

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