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BATH PLACE [Ayr] Nil Hugh Miller
Alexander Fullarton
J. J. McDerment
033 [Situation] Extends from the North side of Wellington Square towards the Shore.
This Street which is a prolongation of the [North]side of Wellington Square is Comparatively a modern one and not yet built the houses that are in it are Suburban Villas of a Superior description with Gardens attached -
COUNTY BUILDINGS [Ayr] Nil Hugh Miller
Alexander Fullarton
J. J. McDerment
033 [Situation] West Side of Wellington Square.
These are situated on the West side of Wellington Square and were erected by Mr Wallace about [20] years ago. They were formed after the model of an ancient temple dedicated to Isis at Rome and cost the County an expense of upwards of £30,000 which was raised by an assessment under the Authority of an Act of Parliament The look of the structure in front is rather [heavy] from its massiveness and not very imposing it is certainly not nearly so ornamental to [the] town as a building Costing so large a sum might have been made to appear. It occupies a very advantageous situation There are [only] 2 Storeys with an entrance in front with large circular columns formed out of immense blocks of stone brought from Arran having Capital Architrave and Entablature Corresponding covering a spacious portico with a broad flight of steps leading [to] it from the area in front. From this [there] is an entrance into a very handsome lobby lighted from the top by a magnificent [dome] rising to considerable height above the whole building and forming the most ornamental part of its exterior. The interior workmanship from the bottom [to] the top of the dome is rich in architectural decorations to a very great degree and has been executed with great skill & at a very Considerable expense - From the Centre of the lobby there rises a Circular double staircase of broad and easy ascent leading to apartments above. -
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