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OLD CHURCH [Ayr] Nil Hugh Miller
Alexander Fullarton
J. J. McDerment
033 [Situation] South east corner of Plan near the River.
The Old Church was erected about the middle of the seventeenth Century during the protectorate of Cromwell to Supply the place of the ancient Ch: [Church] of St John which he had appropriated to another purpose in the New Fort he had built at Ayr. Though it has nothing about it to vie with the grand Gothic edifices of preceding ages yet it is a fine Venerable structure placed in a fine open retired Situation behind the main street surrounded with the town's burying ground It is constructed in the form of a cross not unlike the old Church of St John the aisle in the N. W. [North West] being a projection from the main body in the middle of the east wall of which the pulpit stands fronting the projecting wing It has accommodation for about 2500
Stat Acct [Statistical Account] of Ayrs[hire]
Site of FRANCISCAN MONASTERY [Ayr] Nil Hugh Miller
Alexander Fullarton
J. J. McDerment
033 [Situation] South East corner of Plan near the River.
A Monastery of the order of St Francis or Grey Friars was also founded at Ayr by the inhabitants in the year 1472. Not the smallest notice is taken of it however in any of the records of the burgh that can be discerned except in one instance which serves at the same time to determine its situation. In a Community meeting held in 1652 to deliberate on which of two sites should be adopted for the building of a new Church that of the Grey Friars was preferred. Of the Convent and the buildings pertaining to it there is no trace now remaining excepting its well of excellent water behind the wall of the Old Church burying ground close by the river which is still called the Friars Well. -
KIRK PORT Nil Hugh Miller
Alexander Fullarton
J. J. McDerment
033 [Situation] Extends from High Street East to its termination at an arched entrance into the Grave Yard.
A Narrow thoroughfare - it is the princi[pal] entrance to the Old Parish Ch: [Church] from High S[treet]
Alexander Fullarton
J. J. McDerment
033 [Situation] About 2 Chains W [West] from Old Parish Church in the High Street.
This will be when finished a very hands[ome] building and an ornament to High St[reet] it was founded in December 1854

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