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NEW BRIDGE [Ayr] Nil Hugh Miller
Alexander Fullarton
J. J. McDerment
033 [Situation] Between New Bridge Street and Main Street.
This is a very handsome Structure it was built in 1778 and Cost £4000 it has 5 arches and there is a handsome Stone balustrade in the battlements.
OLD BRIDGE (13th Century) [Ayr] Nil Hugh Miller
Alexander Fullarton
J. J. McDerment
033 [Situation] From Bridge Street to the East end of River Street.
This remnant of Antiquity "was built in the reign of Alexander lll 1249 - 1285 by Isobel Lowe and her sister two maiden ladies who tradition states spent their fortune on the undertaking. In this they were activated by the philanthropic desire to prevent the loss of life to the inhabitants occasionally sustained from Crossing by a ford about 200 yards up the River" - it is entirely Closed to vehicles and made use of exclusively by Pedestrians. -
HIGH STREET [Ayr] Nil Hugh Miller
Alexander Fullarton
J. J. McDerment
033 [Situation] Extends from New Bridge Street in a S. E. [South East] direction terminating at the junction of Alloway & Kyle Streets.
This Street (which as its name implies) is the principal one in the town, is of considerable length - but varies much in its width - from its junction with New Bridge Street eastward to the old Bridge the houses are of the best description and the Shops are quite metropolitan in their appearance. the Street then takes a turn Southwards but the houses though high are older than those formerly described and some of them are built with their Gables to the Street - as the Street extends Southwards the houses do not improve - although there are many excellent houses in this part of the Street until it ends at the junction of Alloway- & Kyle Streets (in Sheet 10. -

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