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Lighthouse Hill
Lighthouse Hill
R. Hunter Esq
Mr Motion
Mr Cassell
228 A rocky eminence bounded by cliffs, on the highest part
of which stands the ruins of the Old Lighthouse.
ST VEY'S TOMB St. Vey's Tomb
St. vey's Tomb
St. Vey's Tomb
R. Hunter
New Stat. Acct. [Statistical Account]
Mr Motion
228 A flat or horizontal flag said to be the grave or tomb of an abbot; Mr. Motion the farmer on the island also states that it is the popular belief that he was buried with his eclesiastical robes, and a gold chain about his neck, which has often been an inducement to persons (had they been permitted) to attempt opening the grave, to possess themselves of the supposed treasure.

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Continued from last page. "in thickness, but the mortar with which they have been
"built seems to have been bad, and very sparingly used. In the
"tomb, which is a little distance north of the Chapel, are two
"flat stones, on one of which, now broken in two, are sculptured
"some ornamental tracery, such as is usually to be seen on those
"ancient monuments called Danish Stones, but no vestige of any
"inscription is to be observed on any of them. This inclosure,
"which is of a square form, and of very limited dimensions,
"was originally surrounded by a stone wall, but of which
"only the foundation now exists." &c New Stat. Acct. [Statistical Account]

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