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ST VEY'S CHAPEL (Site of) (Remains of a) Chapel
(Remains of a) Chapel
(Remains of a) Chapel
St. Vey's Chapel
R. Hunter Esq
Mr. Motion
New Stat. Acct. [Statistical Account]
Chalmers Caledonia
228 Nothing now remains of this ancient building, but the foundation, it stands nearly in the centre of the island. Mr. Hunter of Ardrossan and others say that there is no account respecting it more than the traditional belief that it was a Chapel, and of this Mr. Hunter seems doubtful -

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"In the island of Little Cumbray, which is in the shire of Bute,
"but belongs to the parish of Kilbride, there was in former times,
"a chapel dedicated to Saint Beye, a scotish virgin and Saint,
"who is said to have died in 896 A.D. The ruins of this chapel
"are still to be seen: It is called St. Vey's Chapel, the name
"of the Saint having been thus changed, by the Scoto-Irish
"construction of their speech, in which it is called Chaibal-Bhay, and pronounced
"Chaibal-Vey, and this has been Englished to St. Vey's Chapel.
Chalmers Caledonia Vol [Volume] 3, page 561-2

"There are yet to be seen, the ruins of a very ancient chapel or
"place of worship, said to have been dedicated to St. Vey, who lies buried near it;
"probably, it was a dependency of I. Colm Kill." Old Stat. Acct. [Statistical Account]

The ruins of the Chapel and tomb of St. Vey, alluded to in the former Account, still
remain. They are situated near the top of the hill, a little northward of the castle. The Chapel
is 33 feet by 15 inside; the walls, very little of which are now standing, are about 3 feet
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J. Byrne
ca [civilian assistant]

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