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AN SOCACH An Sochach
An Sochach
"An Socach"
John Sinclair, Craig
Archibald McCalman, Drissaig
GO [Gaelic Orthography]
123 A small point of land about half a mile long, between Abhainn Finan and a small stream to the south of it.
Sig. [Signification] A point between two streams.
LINNE A' CHAIT Linne na Chait
Linne na Chait
Linne a' Chait or
Linn' a' Chait
Linne nan Cat
John Sinclair
Archibald McCalman
GO (s) [Gaelic Orthography (singular0]

GO (pl) [Gaelic Orthography (plural)]
123 A waterfall with a pool below it on the Abhainn Finan, near the confluence of Allt Gleann na h-Airidh.
Sig. [Signification] The Cat's Linn
Tom Uaine
John Sinclair
A. McCalman
123 A small green knoll, west of Sochach, about 15 chains S. [South] of Abhainn Finan.
Sign [Signification] The Green Knoll.
Leac Riabhig
"Leac Riabhaig"
John Sinclair
A. McCalman
GO [Gaelic Orthography]
123 A part of the hill side, south of Abhainn Finan, between Tom Uaine and Lon Tri Criche
Sign [Signification] The lark's slope.

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