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CAIRN (Remains of) [Druim Righ] Circle (Remains of)

Cairn (Remains of)
Admiral Campbell Barbreck
Donald Ferguson Barbreck
138 About ten chains north east of Barbreck House and on the place called Druim Righ are the remains of what appears to have been a stone Circle. Several of the pieces can be seen merely protruding thro [through] the ground. It is not known for what purpose they were put there but supposed by Admiral Campbell to mark the place where some one was slain in the battle which took place in the valley.
This is evidently the remains of a cairn which has been removed, leaving a circular form but no standing stones like a stone circle. [Initialled] B.H.M.
STANDING STONES [Barbreck House] Standing Stones (Circle) Admiral Campbell
Donald Ferguson
Duncan Campbell Barbeck
138 Near the Kennel in the wood are four large slabs. They seem to have been erected in a circular form but one is wanting. The one in the centre is about seven feet high the other three appear to have been broken and are about 2 1/2 and 3 feet high. In the wall near Barbreck house are other two slabs, the one to the north about four
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138.3 -- Parish of Craignish -- Argyllshire

Standing Stones [note]
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