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STANDING STONE [Sraid a' Mhargaidh] Standing Stone
Standing Stone
Standing Stone
Statisl. Act. [Statistical Account]
Mr. Campbell, Post Office
John McPhail New Selma
087 This stone or slab is about 8 feet high and stands between "Sraid Mhargadh" and the Public road. Supposed to have been used by the Priests of the early settlers in a part of their devotional rites; or probably to mark the resting place of a king.
The "Origines Parochiales" describes two as standing here in 1772 but one only remains now.
STANDING STONE [New Selma] 087 There is a smaller one of the same slab like form, being only about 5 feet high, in the centre of a field a little to the North of "New Selma". It has been in that position in the memory of the oldest inhabitant, whether it was removed from its original site or not it is difficult to say. Several years ago when the field in which the former stone stands was being ploughed, a large stone lying flat embedded in the surface was discovered. It is most likely that this is other stone spoken of in the "Origines Parochls [Pariochiales]".

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