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BEALACH NA BAN-RIGHINNE Bealach na Ban-Righ'nne

Bealach na Ban-Righ'nne
Mr. Campbell, Post Office
Mrs. McDonald, New Selma
Alexander Connel New Selma
087 An open way betwixt the rocks on the East side of "Dun Mac Sniachan"; facing the public road.
Sig: [Signification] The "Queen's Pass"
Supposed Site of BEREGONIUM Beregonium
Mr. Campbell
Statisl. [Statistical] Accounts Old & New
Mr. Beaton, Schoolmaster
Admiralty Chart
Oliver & Boyd's Scottish Tourist
087 "In this district stood the famous City of Beregonium; it was situated between two hills one called Dun Mac Sniachan, "the hill of Sniachan's Son", and the other much superior in height, is named Dun bhail an righ, "the hill of the King's town" a street paved with common stones from the foot of one hill to the north is still called Straid Mharagaid "the market St.". About 10 or 11 years ago a man cutting Peats found a wooden pipe, used for Conveying water from one hill to another. On Dun Mac Snichan is a large heap of rubbish, but no distinct traces of any building can be seen, owing to the foundations having been dug up for houses.
There is a tradition that Beregonium was destroyed by fire from Heavens, in Confirmation of which the summit of Dun bhail an Righ projecting and overhanging the road, has a volcanic appearance and a most hideous aspect."
Ext. [Extract] "Old Statisl. Act. [Statistical Account]"

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[Page] 58

Sheet 87-1 -- Parish of Ardchattan, Argyllshire

[Note under Supposed Site of Beregonium:]
Name erased from 1" Sheet 45
Scotland by order of the D.G. [Director General] dated 1.3.97 [1897]
on margin of proof.
W. Yelloley
Supt. [Superintendent] Revising Branch
12.3.97 [1897]

[Additional quotation:]
"Four miles from Dunstaffnage, & two miles
north from Connel Ferry, on the bay of Adnamucknish,
is the site of the fabled Scottish or Pictish Berigonium."
Oliver & Boyd's Scottish Tourist

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