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Leaba Fhalaich Continued [continued from page 48]
McAllum, seeing the strict search which was carried on and that his masters hiding place would not remain long secret, attired himself in his master's clothes, and proceeded to the small creek (port an Duine) where being observed, as he expected, by some of the soldiers, he was fired at and killed. Since that time the creek has borne the above name, and the small cave in which Campbell hid, that of Leaba Fhalaich, or the hiding bed.
CAMAS AN FHÀIS Camas an Fhàis
Camas an Fhàis
Camas an Fhàis
Camus Nathius
Admiralty Chart
P. McPherson
D. McColl.
New Stat. [Statistical] Account
086 A good sized bay between Garbh Ard and Fionn Ard.
"The name of the bay beyond Lochnell House, for instance, is Camus Nathius, i.e. the bay of Nathos."
New Stat [Statistical] Account

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86.4 -- Ardchattan Ph. [Parish] -- Argyllshire

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