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TOWER [nr Garbh Ard] Tower
John Campbell, Ledaig
P. McPherson Achnaba
086 A small tower erected on the top of a prominent knoll to the north of Garbh Ard.
Portan Duine
Portan Duine
P. McPherson
John Campbell
D. McColl
086 A small creek on the shore to the N.E. [North East] of the Tower. The name signifies the man's little port, and together with Leaba Fhalaich derives its name from the following: [See Leaba Fhalaich]
Leaba Fhalaich
Leaba Fhalaich "Leaba Falaich"
P McPherson
John Campbell
D McColl
GO. [Gaelic Orthography] but the letter "F" is silent in this case.
086 Leaba Fhalaich derives its name from the following: One of the Campbells of Lochnell having become amenable to the law through having been connected with some Cattle stealing excursions, several soldiers were sent to Capture and execute him. Hearing this he hid himself in the above cave, where he remained for a considerable time. One of his servants, named
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86.4 -- Ardchattan Ph. [Parish] -- Argyllshire

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