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SCHOOL [School Hill, Turriff] Parish School J. Thomson Schoolmaster
James Scott Turriff
Mr. Wallace Turriff
011 Built in 1828 & additional Room built in 1840. There is a 145 Scholars 125 male & 20 Female, Salary from the Heritors £63.6.8 Scholars Fees £70 Government Grant £18 Total £151.16.8. There is a nice dwelling house & Garden attached, and is Situated at the Southend of School Hill, and near to Clifton Cottage.
INFANT SCHOOL [Turriff] Infant School A Stewart Turriff
A. F. Brander Schoolmistress
James Scott Turriff
011 Built In 1861 by George James and Alexander Chalmers, it is a large School having Dwelling House and Garden Attached. Scholars 40 Boys and 130 Girls there are two pupil teachers each receiving £12.10.0 of Government Grant. School Mistress Salary of Government Grant, £23 school fees, and other Endowments * £58, it is situated at the East end of Fife Street

* AnEndowment of £10.10.0 yearly by the founders.

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County of Aberdeen. Parish of Turriff.

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