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POLICE STATION [Turriff] Police Station Mr. McDonald Tenant
Mr. Angus Turriff
James Scott Turriff
011 Situated in Chapel Street, And was built in the year, 1862, the back part of the house contains two sells [Cells]. There are a Sergeant and Private, regularly Stationed here. Criminals are only lodged for a single night, preparatory to their being sent to the county Jail. It is owned by the Commissioners of Supply
FREE CHURCH [Turriff] Free Church Revd. [Reverend] Cruickshank
Mr. Minto, Turriff
James Scott Turriff
011 Built in 1844, by the congregation and having a Gallery, with seating for 214 persons. The total Number of Sittings being 607. Parsons Salary £185 it is situated near to the Manse at the Eastned [Eastend] of the Town.
MANSE [F.C., Turriff] Manse Revd. [Reverend] Cruickshank Tenant
Mr Minty Turriff
James Scott Turriff
011 This, the Free Church Manse, is a good House having been newly enlarged, it has also a good garden attached, and is near to the Church both of which are situated at the South East Corner of the Town, and was built in 1846.

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County of Aberdeen. Parish of Turriff.

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