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Gallows Hill
Gallows Hill
Mr. Lewis Lamb Schivas
Mr. William Mitchell Broadward
Mr. James Watson South Burnside
030 A conspicuous eminence Known by this name, It is believed that a gallows formerly stood here.
South Burnside
South Burnside
South Burnside of Schivas
Mr. James Watson. Tenant.
Mr. Lewis Lamb.
Mr. William Mitchell
Valuation Roll 1859-60
030 An ordinary farm house, with offices, garden etc attached. Known by this name.
Supposed Site of STONE CIRCLE [North Quilquax] Supposed (site of) Stone Circle
Supposed (site of) Stone Circle
Supposed (site of) Stone Circle
Mr. John Will, North Quilquax
Mr. J. Forbes North Quilquax
Mr. Alexander White North Quilquax
030 About 19 years ago when the farmer was Clearing away a Considerable Cairn of Stones, which stood here and trenching the ground he came upon a floor or paved Causeway, which he immagined had been the floor of an old Chapel, but nothing more then the paved floor or causeway was discovered. Around the Cairn was large rough boulder stones which would make it resemble a Stone Circle or Druidical Temple, but no authentic information can be obtained in the matter.

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