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Mr John Tough Occupier
Mr William Simpson Occupier
Mr George Cave Occupier
037 Applies to four detached cottages with gardens one of which is 10. Chains and another 20 Chains S.S.E. [South South East] of Craigieford The third one a little Southwest of the former two, and also abt. [about] 20. Chains from Said Craigieford etc. see also yellow band on traces N. 2 & 5 showing extent etc.
DRUMFINNIE HILL Drumfinnie Hill or Drumwhinnie Hill
Drumfinnie Hill or Drumwhinnie Hill
Drumfinnie Hill or Drumwhinnie Hill
Mr George Gibb Craighall
Mr Alexander Norey Craighall
Mr John Tough Backhill
037 a conspicuous hill, covered with plantation and Situated 10 or 15. Chains South of the 2nd. Mile Stone from Haddo House of the public road leading to Meldrum The derivation of this compound Celtic name seems to be very uncertain Drum (druim) means the highest point or Summit of a hill and is also frequently applied to the Watershed on top of a range etc etc Second portion or part of the first named viz "finnie" (Fheanne)s a Celtic name for Elf or Fairy - and that of the Second name or made viz whinnie. a Celtic for meeting viz persons to meet etc etc.
Mr Robert Lind Occupier
Mr John Scorgie Uppermill of Tillyhilt
Mr George Clark Upperhead
037 a farm consisting of a good dwelling house with garden and outhouses, situated about ⅛ of a mile northward of the Haddo Ho. [House] 3rd. Mile stone of road leading to Meldrum.

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