List of names as written Various modes of spelling Authorities for spelling Situation Description remarks
DEAD WIFE'S BURN Deadwife Burn
Deadwife Burn
Deadwife Burn
Mr Robert Lind Laverockbrae
Mr John Scorgie Uppermill of Tillyhilt
Mr George Clark Upperhead
037 a stream which issues from drainage etc, a little west of Upper Mill of Tillyhilt and runs a little North of the pub [public] road leading to Haddo Ho. [House] for abt. [about] 2 miles where it crosses the said road a little S. [South] of Mosshead Farm and enters the Den of Keithfield below the 2nd. Mile Stone from Haddo House and after passing the Den it falls into Keithfield Burn. The Burn received the name many years ago, it is said, on account of a Woman being found dead in it near the Sourse.
George Clark Occupier
Mr John Scorgie Uppermill of Tillyhilt
Mr George Gibb Craighall
037 Indicates the name of a small farm Consisting of a dwelling house and garden with out houses detached, Situated about ½ Mile N.W. [North West] of Uppermill also ⅛ of a M [Mile]S.W. [South West] of Backhill etc.

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