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Caochan Suibhe
Caochan Suivey
Cuchan a Suie
Mr William Shaw Castletown
Mr Farquharson Dulridge
Mr J Ledingham Delnadamph
Estate Plan of Edinglassie 1816
068 A small stream rising in the Torr Hill and flowing in an easterly direction falls into the Allt a Coileach
CLAIS-NAN-CAT Clais-na-Cat
Mr William Shaw Castletown
Mr Farquharson Dulridge
Mr D. Cumming Bridgend
068 Applies to a very rocky & deep hollow; on the boundary between the parishes of Strathdon and Glengairden, deriving its name from its being the resort of Pole cats
Camock Hill
Camack Hill
Mr William Shaw Castletown
Mr Farquharson Dulridge
Estate Plan of Edinglassie
Jamiesons Dictionary
068 An extensive hill on the boundary of the parishes of Strathdon & Glengairden situated about 2¼ miles, S.E. [South East] from Corgarff Castle
CÀRN BAD CAILEAN Cairn Bad Cailean vide Inverness Division Documents 068
BROWN COW HILL Brown Cow Hill vide Inverness Division Documents 068

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Parish of Strathdon

[Note beside 'Caochan Suibhie']
Caochan Saobhaidhe B. [Burn] of the Fox's den.
what is Suibhie? [Initialled] JMcD
Caochan. A rivulet; An eddy of Air; whiskey in its first process of distillation. (Gaelic)

[Note beside 'Clais-na-Cat']
Clais nan Cat
Clais. A furrow. A gutter; A streak, stripe, mark; a pit &c
Cat; Cait. A sheep-cat. (Gaelic) [sheep-cat] means evidently the hollow of Cats. [Initailled] JMcD

[Note beside 'Camock Hill'] - Gaelic Camag der. [derivative] of Cam crooked [Initialled] JMcD

[Note beside 'Brown Cow Hill' and 'Càrn Bad Cailean'] - See adjoining Plan 79 (This Plan, 79, was made by the Inverness Division [Initialled] P.M

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