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DRUIM NA CUAICH Druim-na-Cuach
Rev [Reverend] Mr McHardy, Manse.
Mr William Shaw. Castletown
Mr Alexander McRae, Lagganauld
058 ; 067 A ridge of considerable height and extent, part of which is situated in Banffshire, and part in Aberdeenshire: property of the Duke of Richmond, & Sir Charles Forbes, Bart. [Baronet]
GLAC AN LOCHAIN Glach-an-Lochans
Rev [Reverend] Mr McHardy
Mr William Shaw
Mr Alexander McRae
058 This name is applied to [additional note] (which ones which) two small Lochs, situated about two miles north of Delnadamph Shooting Lodge.
CREAG MHEANN Craig meann
Craig meann
Craig meann
Rev [Reverend] Mr McHardy
Mr William Shaw
Mr Alexander McRae
Estate Plan by George Stephen 1816.
067 This name is applied to a rocky hill of considerable height and extent; situated about three miles N.W. [North West] of Delnadamph shooting Lodge.*

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Parish of Strathdon

[Note beside 'Druim na Cuaich']
?Cuaich is "of the cuckoo."
cuaiche, of the cup or hollow, likely "cuckoo" is meant - if "cup" it would have been pron? [pronounced] quaich [Initialled] JMcD
Cuach. A drinking Cup. A coil. fold. plait: a curl, curl of hair, the hollow or bosom of a hill; the hollow part of a bird's nest.
Druim. The back of Annimals; the ridge of a hill, a roof: the Keel of a ship. (Gaelic)

[Note beside 'Glac an Lochain']
Glac. A hollow. A valley, A narrow valley; the hollow of the hand.
Lochan. A little lake. A pool

[Note beside 'Creag Mheann']
Meann most likely [Initialled] JMcD
Meann. A Kid; A young roe; A goat. (Gaelic)

*[Note regarding 'Delnadamph shooting Lodge] - There is a great diversity of opinion regarding the name of this hill, some of the people call it "Craig Fionn. Some Craig na Bhean - Craig-a-Bean &c but the most intelligent Gaelic scholars calls it Craig Meann i.e. The young Kids Hill - and pronounced "Crag My ann"

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