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mould, incinerated bones, and some bits of charcoal, the whole covered at
the mouth with boulder stones.
Three fragments of small urns were found burnt quite red, and a small
flat square piece of polished stone, of a pale green, but evidently broken
and with 3 holes bored thro' [through] one of the ends as if to suspend it by.
This fragment resembles some ornaments for the neck engraved in Dr. [Doctor] Wilsons
Prihistoric Annals. p. [pages] 2 & 4. outside the pit, at irregular distances round
and within 2 feet of it, were small deposits of similar bones, etc.
It is deserving of remark that on the 2nd May 1349 William, Bishop
of Aberdeen, held a court at "The Standing Stones of Rayne, at which the
Kings Justiciar was present ( Regist Episc , Aberdeen Vol. [Volume] I P. [Page] 79 Sp. [Spalding] Club)

Extracted from "Sculptured Stones of Scotland."
Vol [Volume] I Page 21. printed 1856 for Sp [Spalding] Club.

" Four hundred yards eastwards from the village in a Druidical circle or temple"
Extracted from Statistical Account of Aberdeenshire.

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