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STONE CIRCLE (Remains of) [Old Rayne] The Standing Stones of Rayne Mr John Packman Rayne (76 years of age)
Mr John Smith, Rayne
044 "This circle formerly of 12 stones of which only 9 now remain of these 5 are overthrown & one strangely displaced. it is nearly 60 feet in diameter, and the Stones, which are all of whin stone, are from 5 to 6 feet in height. Each pillar stands on a small cairn of stones sunk into the ground. In the centre of the circle, and about 2½ feet below the surface was found a spear shaped collection of stones, about 19 feet long, 10 feet broad at the square end, & penetrating about 2½ feet below the surface, and a foot into the subsoil. In the center of the stones was a circular pit regularly built, like a draw well; about 2 feet in diameter at the mouth, and tapering somewhat to the bottom, which did not reach below the level of the stones. In this pit was found a quantity of black mould. over
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URNS FOUND HERE [stone circle, Old Rayne] Urns found here Mr John Packman Rayne
Mr John Smith Rayne
044 [the description of the Stone Circle and Urns is continued on page 76]

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