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GRAY'S FAULD Gray's Fauld
Gray's Fauld
Gray's Fauld
Revd [Reverend] Mr Wilson.
Mr Duffus. Bogside
Mr John Tough.
044 A small field on the east side of the Hill of Westfield. This field once belonged to a man called Gray: hence the name,
The Currachs
The Currachs
Revd [Reverend] John Wilson.
Mr Duffus
History of Buchan, Page 18
044 Anciently when roads for wheeled vehicles were but little used, a species of baskets were used for carrying loads called currachs. Two stones at one time stood at this place which, in appearance very much resembled these currachs. Hence the name, now applied to the whole enclosure. Property of H. Lumsden Esqr. of Clova

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Parish of Premnay

[Note beside 'The Curracks']
"Currack or Curroch - A small cart made of twigs."- (Jamieson)
"Currach - A bog." (Gaelic)

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