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Tow Stone
Mr. Brown Druggist
Pratts Buchan
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of more consequence than it happens to be now - when the communication with the neighbouring large towns had not reached its present state of perfection - when shops were not quite so numerous, and the domestic wants of the community were not so well nor so easily supplied, a weekly market was held in the village for the disposal of the productions of the neighbourhood and the supply of these wants, which the rural population of the olden time were in the habit of drawing from those important personages, much more welcome at the firesides of our great-grandfathers than at those of their descendants, - the pedlars and general newsmongers of those primitive days.
At that time the superior of the village, or his representatives, stood in awful majesty at the stone in question and collected the tolls or customs of the market, or decided any knotty question in commercial jurisprudence that might have arisen amongst his subjects in the course of their trading transactions."
"Pratts Buchan"
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Aberdeenshire -- Parish of Old Deer

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