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CHURCH OF DEER (Remains of) Church of Deer (Remains of)
Church of Deer (Remains of
Pratts Buchan
Rev. [Reverend] Mr. Peters
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embraced by a semicircular bend of the Ugie, and, as was customary, a piece of a ground around it was set apart for a burial-place, so that the weird is fully verified."
"The Church of Deer was long built before the Abbey and was never subject to it. It was one of the Ecclesia Matrices, or mother churches of these bounds."
Pratts Buchan p.p. [pages] 81. 82. 83.
Tow Stone
Mr. Brown Druggist
Pratts Buchan
021 "In front of Mr. Hutchison's shop Old Deer, a small unpretending upright stone, about the size of an ordinary milestone, may be seen standing with its lower extremity deeply embedded in the pavement. It appears to be placed in a awkward position for parties who may be walking along the street on a dark night, and the necessity for its being there at all becomes very questionable, as its uses are not very apparent. The stone in question is, however, an affair of some consequence; it is a relic of the past, and connects the Old Deer of former days with the Old Deer of the present time. When the village was a place
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Aberdeenshire -- Parish of Old Deer

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