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CHURCH formerly Church of St Mary [Monymusk] Church Mr James Porter
Rev. [Reverend] Thomas Dawson
Rev. [Reverend] Alexander Ogilvie
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by Malcolm Canmore, who, having encamped at the village of Monymusk, vowed, as Buchanan relates, that, if he returned victorious from his expedition to the north, he would devote the village where he lay encamped to St Andrew, the tutelary saint of Scotland. In fulfilment of his vow he, accordingly founded, endowed, and dedicated the Priory of Monymusk, as appears from an old writing in Latin in Monymusk House, bearing to have been extracted from the register of St Andrews, and which, after describing the boundaries of the lands assigned to it, which were ample, concludes to this effect. And thus these are the Marches which King Malcolm bequeathed, on account of a victory granted to them, to God and the Church of St Mary of Monymusk, giving the benediction of God and St Mary to all who preserve the rights of the Church. Of the buildings of the priory no remains now exist, unless the present parish church, which is unquestionably very old, may, as is supposed, have been coeval with, and formed part of them."
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