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Site of CONFLICT between Donald of the Isles and the Thane of Buchan (11th Century) Site of Conflict between Donald of the Isles and the Thane of Buchan (11th Century) 019 [Continued from page 41]
"The only battle of consequence that distinguishes this parish (Monquhitter) Seems to have been fought at Lendrum. Tradition (in this instance pretty distinctly) relates that Donald of the Isles, Supposed to be Donald Bane, brother to Malcom Canmore, fought at Lendrum for three days against the forces of the North, Commanded by the potent Thane of Buchan, whose principal inland residence was at Castletown, King Edward parish, about 4 miles distant from the bloody Scene. The battle of the first day was about a mile to the east of Lendrum, where a number of Small Tumuli mark the graves of the slain; and from whence, Donald was beat back to the Camp, the Situation of which called Donald's fold, is still shown. The battle of the Second day was fought hard by the Camp of Donald; and there more than an Acre of land is crossed with large tumuli. The third and decisive battle was fought to the West of Lendrum, upon a field of more than 6 Acres which tradition covers with gore. The Thane of Buchan, at the head no doubt of the Canmore faction, prevailed; and the usurper Donald, after losing most of his forces, was obliged to fly. In the beginning of the present century, a tenant found in some of these tumuli, some pieces of iron, which his greedy spirit converted to use. The present tenant broke up some of them, but found nothing that deserves notice. Perhaps it may be amusing to trace the influence which Superstition still has on many minds, and to mark how much some prophecies tend to their own completion. The Corn growing on the bloody butts of Lendrum has never been reaped without blood or strife among the reapers. This circumstance asserted by tradition and confirmed by the living evidence of two respectable men who have rented that farm for more than half a Century past, may be easily accounted for by the trepidation or the furor, which, according to the respective constitutions of the reapers, is inspired by this awful Scene."
Old Statistical Account
"Donald Bane, Brother to Malcom Canmore (Malcom III) reigned from 1093 to 1097. Malcom Canmore reigned from 1057 to 1093." Extract from Chalmers Caledonia

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