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Valuation Roll 1869.70.
Arthur Morrison Tenant,
A. Milne, Turriff
019 A substantial farm steading, situated near the parish boundary. The property of The Trustees of the late Garden William Duff of Hatton.
FLINT ARROWHEADS FOUND [Lescraigie] Flint arrow heads found here
Flint arrow heads found here
J Arthur Morrison
Mrs Henderson. Lendrum.
019 Several years ago in field about 15 chains east of the above steading. A number of flint arrow heads were discovered.
BLOODY BUTTS OF LENDRUM Bloody Butts of Lendrum
Bloody Butts of Lendrum
Bloody Butts of Lendrum
Bloody Butts of Lendrum
Pratt's Buchan
James Cruickshank. Keithan
Alexander Moir. Redbriggs
Old Statistical Account
019 A well known name applied to field, situated about 20 chains north west of the farmsteading of Lendrum. Deriving this appellation from the tradition that here terminated the sanguinary conflict between Donald of the Isles and the Thane of Buchan, and traditionaly called the "Battle of Lendrum", here, various portions of warlike weapons from time to time have been discovered. "In Forsyth's Beauties of Scotland we read that - "In this parish of Montquitter, is said to have been fought a great battle against Donald of the Isles, supposed to be brother to Malcolm Canmore. The battle was fought at Lendrum for three days, against the forces of the north commanded by the Thane of Buchan who was of the royal party. The battle of the first day was fought about a mile to the east of Lendrum, where a number of small tumuli marked the graves of the Slain, and from whence Donald was beat back to the Camp, the situation of which, called "Donald's Field" (20.9.) is still to be seen. The battle of the Second day was fought hard by the camp of Donald. The third and decisive battle was fought to the west of Lendrum, upon a field of more than six Acres, which tradition covers with gore." "Pratt's "Buchan"
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19.11 -- Parish of Montquhitter

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