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Ward Hill
Ward Hill
Mr. William Walker Gurgedykes
Mr. Lewis Davie Methlic
Mr. John Tait Methlic
037 A well known name applied to a small hill feature planted with mixed wood situated about half a mile south west from Haddo House the property of the Right Honourable the Earl of Aberdeen.
MONUMENT [Ward Hill] Monument A.F. Douglas Esq. Haddo
Mr. Alexander Smith Methlic
Mr. John Leith Gowanwell
037 A plain erection erected in memory of Alexander Gordon who was killed at Waterloo
BURN OF KEITHFIELD Burn of Keithfield
Burn of Keithfield
Burn of Keithfield
Mr. Lewis Davie Methlic
Mr. Thomas Beaton Smithie Seat
Mr. John Hislop Tarves
037 Applied to a small burn which forms part of the boundary between the parish of Tarves and Methlick it is called the burn of kelly in the lower part of its course after it issues out of the upper lake near Haddo House.
BURN OF KELLY Burn of Kelly Vide Tarves Ph. [Parish] Documents 037
LADY'S STEPS Lady's Steps Vide Tarves Ph. [Parish] Documents 037

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