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METHLICK [parish] Parish of Methlick Mr. Grant, Banker, Methlick
Mr. Marshall, Farmer, Skilmanae
Mr. Black, Schoolmaster Cairnorrie
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Parish of Methlick
Continued -- the name that had been given to the former mansion, vizt. the House of Haddo, or Haddo House. It stood a siege of three days in 1644 by the Marquis of Argyle and the covenanting army, by whom it was taken on the 8th May 1644 and reduced to ruins. the benefice of Methlick does not seem to have been of great value, as in Bagimonts Roll which exhibits the amount of the tenth part of each benefice in the reign of James 5th, is rated at £6.13.4. Besides the parish church, there was, before the Reformation, a chapel at a place called Chapelton, the name of which remains unchanged; and there was another chapel at Andet, dedicated to St. Ninian. that last mentioned must have stood near a farm house now called Chapelpark, where there is a good spring that still goes under the name of the Chapel Well, and where until recently
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Parish of Methlick

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