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METHLICK [parish] Parish of Methlick Mr. Grant, Banker, Methlick
Mr. Marshall, Farmer, Skilmanae
Mr. Black, Schoolmaster Cairnorrie
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Parish of Methlick
Continued -- About two miles in a north easterly direction from the church, there is a strong spring, which was some years ago in great vogue, and frequented by many from distant parts of the country, in consequence of the supposed salubrity of its waters, which were applied both externally and internally with alleged success, especially in cutaneous diseases.
the whole parish belongs to one Heritor, the Right Honourable the Earl of Aberdeen. the first property of the family was the barony of Methlick, whereof Haddo was a part. His Lordship derives three of his titles from this parish, namely; Baron Methlick, Haddo, and Kellie. Towards the end of the sixteenth century the designation of the family of Methlick, seems to have been restricted to that of Haddo, probably from the Mansion House having been situated there. Early in the seventeenth century the residence was transferred to Kelly, which gradually acquired the
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Parish of Methlick

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