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STONE CELT FOUND HERE [South Middlethird] Stone Celt found here (AD 1861)
Stone Celt found here (AD 1861)
Stone Celt found here (AD 1861)
Mr. William Alexander Castlehill
Mr. Alexander Mowet Arnybogs
Mr. John Thomson
029 About seven years ago a stone celt was found on the farm of South Middlethird it measured about four inches in length and about two inches in width it is of a blue slaty kind of stone and looks as if it had been polished
URN FOUND HERE A.D. 1848 Urn found here (A.D. 1848)
Urn found here (A.D. 1848)
Urn found here (A.D. 1848)
Mr. John Barrack Monteach
Mr. John Thomson South Middlethird
Mr. John Coutts Cairnorrie
029 About 20 years ago the farmer of South Middlethird removed a small pile of stones not far from the farmsteading when he discovered a urn about 10 inches long and 5 inches in diametor containing burnt bones.
Site of CAIRN [Skilmanae] Site of Cairn
Site of Cairn
Site of Cairn
Mr. Andrew Duncan Middlethird
Mr. William Marnock Monteach
Mr. George Sheriff Brownhill
029 This cairn was situated on the western slope of the hill of Skilmonea it stood about 5 feet in height and about six yards in diametor it was removed in 1858 for the purpose of makeing improvements
This cairn is an Antiquity.

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