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MELDRUM Parish of Meldrum
Parish of Meldrum
Parish of Meldrum
Mr Bruce, Banker, Old Meldrum
Mr Den, Postmaster Old Meldrum
Mr Manson, Farmer, Kilblean
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Parish of Meldrum
"or ridge of a hill. The foundations of a small private chapel built during the establishment of the Roman Catholic Religion in this Country are to be seen on a farm in this parish, which for that reason still retains the name of Chapelhouse. There is a well near Called Lady Well. The remains of a Roman encampment existed until lately on the farm of Bethelnie, they have now been levelled & the ground is ploughed. The encampment was a very small one, & could only have given lodgement to a detachment from the army. There is still a place of interment at Bethelnie, where the church of this parish formerly stood; several families have their burial ground in it & the sepulchral vault belonging to the proprietors of Meldrum is there. The present church is supposed to have been erected about the year 1684. it is consequently an old building, and has an antiquated appearance. In the immediate vicinity of Old Meldrum, there is a place of worship belonging to the Scottish Episcopalians, & in the town there is another belonging to the members of the United Secession-"
Note - There is no portion of this parish detached nor portion or portions of any other parish inclosed within the boundary of this parish. [Signed] R Dickson Sapper R.E. [Royal Engineers]

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Parish of Meldrum

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