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MELDRUM Parish of Meldrum
Parish of Meldrum
Parish of Meldrum
Mr Bruce, Banker, Old Meldrum
Mr Den, Postmaster Old Meldrum
Mr Manson, Farmer, Kilblean
Statistical Account
Fullarton's Gazetteer
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Parish of Meldrum
"north west of Aberdeen. Its streets are very irregularly built; but they nevertheless contain a number of good houses. The town-hall is a respectable edifice, surmounted by a spire. The inhabitants appear to possess a spirit of enterprise, - they are chiefly merchants, professional men, tradesmen, handicraftsmen, and laborers; during the winter and spring months a market is held every fortnight for the sale of cattle and grain. There are also two annual fairs in may and november. There are also a Brewery and a Distillery; and in the vicinity are several corn mills." The population of the Town of Old Meldrum at last census was 1553.
At page 474 of the Extracts from Statistical account of Aberdeenshire is the following. "The ancient name of this parish and by which Spalding takes notice of it in his history of the troubles and memorable transactions in Scotland is * [See below] Bethelnie which is a derivation from the Hebrew words (Bethelnow) signifying House of our God; & the appellation has been at length extended to the district in the vicinity of the place of worship which now constitutes the parish. The modern name of the parish "Meldrum" is probably derived from the Celtic words Mealldruim, signifying the Shoulder

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[*] "Balthelney" is corrupted, perhaps, from "Bal-Nethalen", that is, "The dwelling of Saint Nethalen", or Saint Nachlan, who was it's tutelar. 1.

1. Breuiarium Aberdonense, prop. Sanct. pro temp: hyemali, f. XXV1.
Extracted from Collections of Aberdeen & Banff- Page 558.
[Signed] EH Courtney Capt. RE. [Captain Royal Engineers].

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Parish of Meldrum

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