List of names as written Various modes of spelling Authorities for spelling Situation Description remarks
PEEL BOG Peel Ring
Peel Bog
Peel Bog
Peel Bog
Peel Bog
The Pool Bog
R. Smith Esqr
Mr. McRobbie
Mr Dunn
Revd [Reverend] Charles McCombie L.L.D. [Doctor of Law]
Writter of the New Statistical Account
Old Statistical Account
082 An ancient fortification of great strength, it is in an excellent state of preservation. The earthen Mound is still entire and rises about 12 feet above the level of the Surrounding Ground, the moat is also entire, and is surrounded by an earthen rampart of great strength. The whole is enclosed by a modern stone fence. Tradition says this. Stronghold was erected in the beginning of the 13th Century, but by whom, it is not known
MACBETH'S STONE Macbeth's, Stone
Macbeth's, Stone
Macbeth's, Stone
Macbeth's, Stone
Macbeth's, Stone
Mr. Ferris Cairnbathie
Mr Dunn Cairnbathie
Mr Turner
Revd [Reverend] Charles McCombie L.L.D. [Doctor of Law]
New Statistical Account
082 A boulder of Considerable Size projecting about 2 feet over the surface of the ground. tradition points to this stone as marking the spot Where, Macbeth was Mortally Wounded.

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County of Aberdeen -- Parish of Lumphanan

[Peel Ring - R. Smith Esqr] - wrong quote J.L.

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