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of some three miles or so, I am en-
tirely aware that the name "Sockhaugh"
is not at the present day generally ap-
plied to the hill, at any rate by the
people of Tarland & Cromar to the south
of it; and I propose when next in the
area to make further investigation into the
matter and if necessary to have the name
changed on the Ordnance map. But I should
say from the pronunciation that the more
correct form of the name would be "Pres-
andye" i.e ["Pressindye"] rather than "Preasandye"

I was not aware that the cor-
rectness of the name "Pittenderich" was
continued until I received your letter.

With the exception of the quotation
of authorities given by the Ord [Ordnance] Survey, which
has been sent to me from Southampton, I am
writing from memory; but I think you will
find what I said as to the Stat. [Statistical] Account is
correct. -- yours faithfully

George Williams Esq. -- J. Farquharson Col. [Colonel]
Thornhill -- D.G. [Director General] Ordnance Survey

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