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are of date about 50 years ago, &
were written by the Ministers of Towie
& Leochel Cushnie of that date.

So that it is clearly established
that 50 years ago the hill was known
by the name "Soccoch" by the people
who lived on the north side of it in Towie
& Leochel Cushnie; and that at the time
of the Ordnance Survey being carried out,
I think about 1867 or 1868, it was
known by the name "Sockaugh" to two
gentlemen who had lived all their lives
at Tarland on the South side of it,
namely Mr. Ross & Mr. Watson.

The Ordnance Surveyors there-
fore cannot be said to have applied
the name to the hill without considerable

At the same time as my house
is straight south of the hill at a distance

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