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but it is stated in reply to the extracts that this hill is in Captain
Courtney's work it is desirable that the name of this moss would
agree with the hill therefore be particular whether Firmount Moss
or Mountfur Moss is the correct name.
94-3-3 Dilavaird Bridge on trace and in Name sheet but
cancelled in both by the Final Examiner as unworthy of
notice. Is it not a County Bridge on the turnpike road
over Beltie Burn, and is it not extensively and well known
by the name of Dilavaird Bridge? All county bridges are of importance
and very few if any are without a name.
The name of this bridge may not have been on the trace of the
Common Ph [Parish] but that is not a sufficient reason for omit
ting it therefore should not the name appear on the plans?
[Signature] By order J. Dudgeon Serg. R.E. [Sergeant Royal Engineers]

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Fir Month of the Grampians
which is about 15 Miles away.

This name was cancelled by the
F. Examr. [Final Examiner] primarily because it
did not appear on the Common work,
sometime it is a feature with
no settled & indisputable
name, being simply a trust Bridge
- not a Co [County] one as yet - showing
a similar stream on the same
trust as that on 82/12 same Parish, &
which by referring you will see
is left nameless. therefore please let this name remain cancelled
N.B. Please let me still further
explain on this remark with the
view of eliciting instructions.
On & after 15th May 66 all
Turnpikes will be abolished in the
Co. [County] in accordance with Act of Parl. [Parliament]
and therefore all Public Roads
- and consequently Bridges -
become Co [County] property, laboured
according to their traffic, and the
Aberdonians assessed for the
repair of same according to
their rental.
is it longer necessary to dista [distinguish]
further than the words Co. [County] Road
I know we do not anticipate
Casualties but this is a Certainty
which will have become a fact
[ere] these Plans are
John Stewart
2nd Capt. R.E. [2nd Captain Royal Engineers]

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