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Parish of Kincardine O'Niel ------- Examiners Replies
Extrats from New Statistical Account page 831

This parish may be said to be divided into three great straths
or portions, by hills of considerable extent and height; one of which,
the Hill of Learney, may not improperly be regarded as a continuation ------- Shewn - as Learney Hill
of the hill of Fare. The hill of Fare, which intervenes betwixt Midmar ------- Shewn - as Hill of Fare
and Banchory Ternan parishes, forms a part of the east boundary of
this parish. The circumference of its base is reckoned 14 miles; and
its height is nearly 1600 feet above the level of the sea. The other hills
in the parish are cultivated or wooded to the tops.
Ordfundlie divides the south from the middle division of the parish. ------- Shewn - as Ord Fundlie
The line of the old military road leading from Perth by Brechin
passes over the Cairn o'Mount ------- in Birse Parish
The burn of Belty, which, rising in the hills in the north west ------- Shewn - as Beltie Burn
corner of the parish, takes a diagonal course south east, through
the centre division, dividing it into nearly equal parts, and
joins the Dee in the parish of Banchory.
The Land owners are, Peter Laing Gordon, Esq. of Craigmile; ------- Shewn as Craigmyle Ho [House]
Francis Gordon Esq. of Kincardine; The heirs of the late Alexander ------- Shewn as Kincardine Lodge
Brebner, Esq. of Learney; Misses Innes, of Ballogie; Duncan ------- Learney Ho [House] Shewn Ballogie
Forbes Mitchell, Esq. of Thainston; William Davidson, Esq. of ------- Thainston & Kebbity are
Kebbity; Miss Scott of Campfield; Francis G. Fraser of ------- not in Ph [Parish] Campfield Ho [House] shewn
Findrack; Archibald Farquharson, Esq. of Fincrean; James ------- Findrack & Finzean not in Ph [Parish]
Lamond, Esq. of Stranduff; Duncan Davidson, Esq. of Mill of ------- Shewn as Stranduff
Kincardine; and Mr Ross of Cochrane's Croft. ------- Desswood House and Cochrane

Antiquities - Tradition says that a bede-house or asylum ------- Site unknown
for the support of eight old men existed in this village in
[ ] times of Popery; that it was established and supported
[by] a quondam bishop of Aberdeen; but that it became extinct
[ ] the Reformation. No traces of house or funds now remain.
The population of the village of Kincardine O'Niel is 288. ------- shown as Kincardine O'Neil
A monthly market has been established at Tornaveen
Copied by Patrick Lynch C. A. [Civilian Assistant]

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