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SCULPTURED STONES FOUND HERE Sculptured Stones found here
Sculptured Stones found here
Revd.[Reverend] Mr. Davidson Inverury
Dr. [Doctor] Leslie, Holme Cottage, Inverury
Mr. William Taylor Inverury
054 The fragments at Inverurie seem to have been built into the foundations of the Church, the walls of which were pulled down to afford materials for building the churchyard dykes in the early part of the present century. 3 of them were recently observed in these dykes, and the 4th while in the course of being broken up by the masons, who were building the dykes, was rescued by Mr. Donald of Urybank, and has lain in the churchyard since that time. The old church and grave-yard were situated on low ground on the banks of of the Don, and adjacent to the circular mound of alluvial soil called "The Bass". (Chalmers Caledonia Vol I, page 381) Two sculptured stones, seemingly nearly entire, lie at present in Inverury graveyard and a third stone, said also to be sculptured, lies outside and on the east of the graveyard. The sculptured face is underneath, and the stone is so large it would take several men to turn it. No person in the district can point out a sculptured stone in the graveyard wall, nor could I see one though I examined it all round.

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Parish of Inverury

See Page 7 for Sketches of two of these Stones. The one marked N. 1 is the one rescued by Mr. Donald. Sketches of the 2 other Stones appear in the Volume of "Sculptured Stones of Scotland" published by Spalding Club in 1856.
E.H.C. Capt. R.E. [Captain Royal Engineers]

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