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THE STANERS The Stanners
The Stanners
The Stanners
Revd. [Reverend] Mr. Davidson Inverury
Mr. Bisset, Merchant Inverury
Dr. [Doctor] Leslie, Holm Cottage Inverury
054 A considerable extent of arable land now intersected by the Great North of Scotland Railway bounded on the west and south by the River Don, on the east by the River Ury, and on the north by Killie Walker and Castle Yards. The battle fought between the Jacobites under Lord Lewis Gordon and the Royalists under MacLeod of MacLeod in which the former were victorious, extended over this ground. See Site of Engagement etc. A.D. 1745.
Castle Yards
Castle Yards
Revd. [Reverend] Mr. Davidson
Mr Bisset
Dr. [Doctor] Leslie
054 A arable field north of the Stanners in which The Bass is situated. This is thought to have been in connection with the castle supposed to have stood on the Bass, hence the name.

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Parish of Inverury

"Staners, Stanirs, Stanryis - The Small stones and gravel on the margin of a river or lake" (Jamieson)

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