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BURN OF CROULIE Burn of Croulie
Burn of Croulie
Burn of Croulie
Estate plan of Glenbucket. 1863
Mr Stewart, Factor, Fife Keith
Mr McNicol. Glenbucket Lodge
050 Rises at the "Grains of Croulie" between the Hills of Croulie and Little Gilchearn, and flowing in an easterly direction; unites with the Aultnacabber Burn, where the junction of Coullins Burn is formed.
HILL OF CROULIE Hill of Croulie
Hill of Croulie
Hill of Croulie
Estate plan. dated 1863
Mr Stewart, Fife Keith
Mr McNicol Glenbucket
050 A large hill, situated between the Burns of Croulie and Aultnacabber.
BOG OF CROULIE Bog of Croulie
Bog of Croulie
Bog of Croulie
Mr McNicol, Glenbucket
Mr Stewart, Fife Keith.
Mr Wattie, Milltown.
050 Applies to a stream which rises out of Little Gilchearn Hill and falls into the Burn of Croulie, a few chains west of the Blacksnake Burn.

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