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ELLON [parish] Parish of Ellon
Parish of Ellon
Parish of Ellon
Parish of Ellon
Parish of Ellon
Alexander Gordon Esq. Ellon Castle.
Reverend N.K. McLeod. Parsonage. Ellon
Mr Jamieson. factor for Ellon
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030 ; 031 ; 038 ; 039 ; 047 The parish of Ellon is situated in the "Buchan district" in Aberdeenshire, and is about 16 miles north by west of the City of Aberdeen. It is about 9½ miles in length by about 7 in breadth, and contains about 24,000 acres, the most of which is cultivated. This parish is comparatively flat as there are no hills of note in it. though the general appearance is decidedly bumpy, the only hills worth mention are the Hill of Dudwick and the Whitestone Hill, in the north, and the Hill of Ardgrain which is situated in about the centre of the parish. There is but one Village in this parish and it is named after the parish Viz. "Village of Ellon". This village is beautifully situated on the north bank of the Ythan, and is much frequented by visitors in the summer season. (See description of Village of Ellon.) The Formartine & Buchan Section of the Great North of Scotland Railway runs through this parish, entering at the South west and leaving at the north west end. There are three Stations for goods & passenger accommodation on this line situated in this parish. Viz. Esslemont. Ellon & Arnage. The only river in this parish is the Ythan. though there are three or four fine Trouting streams such as the Ebrie. Youlie, Bronie. &c. The Ythan which rises in the parish of Forgue from several springs called the "Wells of Ythan", is considered to be one of the best Salmon rivers in Scotland. it is also noted for its production of very fine pearls. one of which is said to adorn the Crown of Great Britain. This parish is of very little note to the Antiquarian, though there are still several Antiquity's remaining such as the remains of Chapel in the village, remains of Old Castle of Waterton which is situated about a mile down the river from the village, Toll Booth, in the village. Old Castle of Esslemont, Arnage House &c. &c. Several stone cists, Urns, Stone Celts and Flint Arrowheads have been found at different times in this parish. and I may mention that Mr. Thomson of Ellon has at present in his possession a fine specimen of an Urn, which he found the other day while making a road through the Craigs of Auchterellon, there is the site of two cairns (shown on
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Aberdeenshire -- Parish of Ellon

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