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ELLON (parish) Parish of Ellon
Parish of Ellon
Parish of Ellon
Parish of Ellon
Parish of Ellon
Alexander Gordon Esq. Ellon Castle.
Reverend N.K. McLeod. Parsonage. Ellon
Mr Jamieson. factor for Ellon
Statistical Account
Collections of the Shires
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traces.) in the north end of the parish near the farm of Drakemyre, in one was found a Stone Cist, an Urn & Flint Arrowheads. and in the other was found a Stone Cist, an Urn, and a few very old Coins. There are several places of worship in this parish the most of which are situated in the village. The parish Church stands on the site of a very old Church or Chapel, and is well attended. There is an Episcopal Chapel near the village which is also well attended, especially by the Gentry of the district. There is a Free Church and a United Presbyterian Church, both in the village. There is two Parish Schools in this parish, both endowed, the one is situated in the village. and the other at Tillydesk about 3½ miles north of the village. besides these there is the Free Church School, and three or four private schools. The principal proprietors in this parish are the Earl of Aberdeen, Alexander Gordon Esq. of Ellon. Henry Gordon Woolrige Esq. of Esslemont. John Leith Ross. Esq. of Arnage. John Turner Esq. of Turnerhall. and Henry Udny. Esq. of Udny.
"The name Ellon is generally supposed to be a corruption of the Gaelic word Aileann, which signifies an island. Its appropriation as the name of this parish may be accounted for by the circumstance that a small Island in the river Ythan, adjacent to the site of the village of Ellon, marks the position of the ferry formerly used on the principal line of road leading from Aberdeen to the northeastern districts of Scotland. In support of the origin here assigned to the name Ellon. it may be remarked, that in an inscription on some old communion cups, presented to the KirkSession by the Forbeses of Watertown, the word is written Elleann. Port Ellon, the name of a village in Perthshire, is understood to be of similar derivation".
"The north-eastern range of the Grampians. Benachie. the Foudland-hills, and the tops of the higher mountains on Speyside, are. when the state of the atmosphere is favourable, destinctly within the range of the observer's eye, which also commands an extensive view of the German Ocean, stretching from the Girdleness lighthouse in the south to within a few miles of the point of Rattray in the north." Extracts from Statistical Account of Aberdeenshire. Page 899.
Note _ There is no portion of this Parish in any other; but there is a portion of Methlick drawn with this Parish, and situated nearly in the centre of the Parish, and bounded by Tarves on the west.

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Parish of Ellon

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