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Site of the BATTLE OF SLIOCH A.D. 1307 Site of Battle of Slioch A.D. 1307 Old Railway Guide (Pub. [Published] 1854)
Statistical Account
Peter Meldrum; Dukewell
026 " A somewhat important engagement took place here between King Robert I and his rival the Cummings. The King came north to extend his authority beyond the Grampians when at Inverury he fell ill but according to Barbour was carried to Slioch which is described as a 'place of some strength'. While there the Royal Forces were assailed by the Commings assisted by Sir John Mobray & Sir David Buchin; the contest is said to have lasted three days ending to the advantage of the King. In this battle which was fought in 1307 Sir Adam de Gordon distinguished himself greatly, Sir Adam was the founder of the "Gordons in the north". The Battle is generally supposed to have been fought midway between Meet Hillock & Torra Duncan.

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Drumblade Parish -- Aberdeenshire

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